Sustainability Zone

The Sustainability Zone website is the home of new ecologically focused information. It is an online resource that showcases things of vital importance such as educating people on sustainable, first and foremost, and then topics and issues related to the environment, the mind and body.

From environmental pollution issues to carbon offsetting, the rise of sea-levels, mass extinction and how to eat more organically. We cover everything you need to know to help us keep the environment clean, and do our bit. As well as keeping ourselves healthy and happy in the process.  All these under the umbrella of sustainability are there to help you live a eco-friendlier life.  As such, this site is 100% carbon neutral, and carbon offset.

Hospital Practices that Promote Sustainability

As climate change becomes more prevalent, doctors and other medical staff must become more aware of its effects on our planet. They must comply with the company’s policy in promoting sustainability in the workplace.

Climate change is a serious issue and if surgeons and other healthcare providers don’t want it affecting their patients, then they need to stop doing whatever is causing it. Awareness should be the top priority of programs and advocacies that aims to fight climate change. 

We work with a range of different healthcare prodiders  and have support from clinics, such as Simply Aesthetic who share the same mission is to improve sustainability in healthcare, promote sustainability.

How Can Plastic Surgeons Fight Climate Change?

Surgeons will need to reduce their carbon footprint to promote sustainability. There is already a movement towards greener practices and procedures in the healthcare industry. One example is reusable surgical instruments that are more cost-effective and sustainable.

Another example is reducing unnecessary operating room time during a patient’s surgery. Surgeons could choose to operate using less invasive techniques or shorter duration surgery.

For instance, if a patient needs a laparoscopic appendectomy instead of an open procedure, the surgeon can save time by leaving earlier and avoiding the extra step of insulating the wound externally.